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These paints find a huge potential in various fields like Construction, advertisement, hoarding, glow signs, path marking, auditorium, stadium, hotels, instrumentation, marine engineering, emergency routes, etc. In a housing complex it works as an Emergency Lamp. Path markings reduce lot of expense on lighting installations as well as maintenance in petroleum complex & chemical plants where a flame proof wiring is statutory.

A Galaxy in home is very common concept in children's room. It also finds application in clubs, restaurants, hotels etc. The switches coated with night glow ink are easily detectable in dark. On roads & bridges lane indicators marked by nightglow paint works efficiently since they are visible in complete dark. The hoardings made out of night glow flex reduce need of any extra illumination. Night glow paints offer a huge opportunity to creativity of an artist in the field of murals, posters.

The FRP roofing & panels reduce considerable cost of lightings in plants, storage areas & warehouses. The tail end side painted with nightglow color works effectively as parking lamp in an automobile. The compound walls coated with Solar paints offer high visibility in dark. These paints find applications in places where low level illumination is desirable.