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Galaxy Ceiling is not just a ceiling decoration. It is an experience, one that you can share with your loved ones. It is safe and contains no radioactive or toxic materials providing amazing effect that you can have in your home for a very reasonable price.

We will install permanent stars on any ceiling you choose. classic painting of the night time sky, with hundreds of stars, including constellations, the Milky Way galaxy, and even shooting stars.

The painting is invisible during the, it won't interfere with any decorating scheme. At night, or when the lights are turned off.... the results are astonishing. It appears that the ceiling has been removed, and what you see above you is the most incredible, starry sky imaginable. Not just any night time sky.... but a crystal clear evening, high stops a mountain valley, above the clouds! Hundreds of stars are visible.

A permanent painting, any ceiling, any room, invisible during the day. Won't interfere w/decorating scheme. thousands of stars, constellations, Milkey way galaxy and shooting stars. Sweet dreams!

"If u want to see the galaxy at ur bedroom, we can make it, this is painting work, we draw the paint in ur bedroom ceiling, in day's time u cant see any thing, you can see only during Night"